Adorn New York Inc. is a cutting edge New York based jewelry company specializing in unique and innovative handcrafted accessories.  Each design reflects the multi-faceted character of a woman and heralds the truth that a woman can do anything, be anything, and achieve anything with exceptional style.  Through intricate and classic stylings Adorn New York pieces truly enhance the timeless beauty of women.

Seasonal collections are stunning as the use of meticulously chosen metals, crystal, leather and suede declare the designer’s creative and bold point of view.  Each material is featured in earring, bracelet and necklace offerings.  Other custom accessories are available and include rings, anklets and ear cuffs.  Classic simplicity, on-trend pieces or undeniable statement pieces are all inset in the Adorn New York Inc. portfolio. 

Raqquyah Webb, owner and designer of Adorn New York passionately believes in the empowered beauty of the body, mind and soul.  She is the founder of Adorn Public Nation, a non-profit organization dedicated to community enrichment and development. Learn more about this dynamic organization and how you can get involved by clicking here.


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*All designs are handmade. No styles are ever made quite the same. This gives each piece its own exclusivity and YOU the right to be extraordinary.*