Have lunch w/Adorn New York! An afternoon indulging in your favorite handcrafted Adorn New York designs sounds yummy to me. Eat up.

I spy…

  1. Eternity Bracelets: Never ending and never beginning. Wrap your wrists in everlasting spheres of color that sparkle forever. The Eternity bracelets are great accessories to stack.
  2. Star Kiss Studs: Warning: The Star-Kiss studs are definitely attention grabbers. Wear with caution. Bodyguard sold separately.
  3. Luna Star Studs: We dance under the moon carefree and count the stars in darkness. And when the night is through, Luna Star lingers on; reminding us of the beauty we had and beheld the night before.
  4. Suede Rock Hoop Earrings: Step 1: Add a pop of color to your ensemble with The Suede Rock. Step 2: Now match them up with the same color clutch and lip-gloss.  Voila…my work is done!

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*All designs are handmade. No styles are ever made quite the same. This gives each piece its own exclusivity and YOU the right to be extraordinary.*