Love Happens is a blog full of fanciful stories discussing, celebrating and well…poking fun at LOVE. Each story has an Adorn New York accessory in the center of its plot. Which accessory and story will you like best? Start reading now.

The four ladies sat in the living room discussing life and love. Charlie, Nicole, Lisa and Brenda were more than friends. They were bonded by a love thicker than blood and hopelessly devoted to the wellness of each other. Peace was found in the eyes of one, joy in the laughter of another and hope in the touch of the next. As they sipped wine and orated stories, time vanished; falling prey to love’s infinite embrace. Lets peek in…

Charlie “No ladies, the best kisses are the ones before a dreaded good-bye. Take yesterday for instance when my fiancé, Ryan came over.

Nicole “Charlie, we know he’s your fiancé dear.”

Charlie “I know.  I just like saying fiancé.  Fiancé! Fiancé! Fiancé! Anyway, I swear, we can stay indoors a month straight and not come out for air.  When we’re together I hate when either of us have to leave. 

William and Lynda stood in front of the building happy their workday had come to an end. It was a beautiful night. The sky was clear and the moon full. While admiring the sight William said to Lynda,

“Lovely night tonight, huh?”

“Yes it is.”

“Any plans?”

“No plans. Home is the only to-do on tonight’s agenda.”

“Oh ok. Which way do you walk?”


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