Love Happens is a blog full of fanciful stories discussing, celebrating and well…poking fun at LOVE. Each story has an Adorn New York accessory in the center of its plot. Which accessory and story will you like best? Start reading now.

William and Lynda stood in front of the building happy their workday had come to an end. It was a beautiful night. The sky was clear and the moon full. While admiring the sight William said to Lynda,

“Lovely night tonight, huh?”

“Yes it is.”

“Any plans?”

“No plans. Home is the only to-do on tonight’s agenda.”

“Oh ok. Which way do you walk?”

And with that question it all became clear. Taken aback and left speechless, Lynda replayed the question several times to herself, “Which way do you walk?” and again, “Which way do you walk?” once more, “Which way do you walk?” Her next thought however came like lighting. “OMG! I think William likes me.” Lynda’s new epiphany jolted her six months down memory lane back to their first encounter. A staff meeting had been called to introduce William to the company’s creative team. As William spoke to the group, telling everyone about himself, Lynda wondered if he could feel ‘it’. If he could feel the rest of his life being planned and penciled-in by the salivating singles standing in the room. March 1st, casual meet-up for tea. March 8th, more intimate meeting for drinks. March 16th, first official date. April 1st, wedding and honeymoon in Dubai. Lynda could see the hope glimmering in the eyes of some and smell the fragrant musk of other hopeful female predators at the site of promising male prey. She knew he could feel ‘it’. He had to. Men that attractive, delicious and tempting can always feel ‘it’. Lynda was even willing to bet her life savings that he had already compiled a mental list of who to screw first.


William’s voice yanked her out of her thoughts and back into reality, where the two now stood.


“I asked which way do you walk?”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Down 38th, then to Broadway.”

“Ok. I don’t usually go that way, but I’d love to join you. That is, if you don’t mind.”

“No William. I don’t mind.”

And with that response her eyes found his, as his surveyed hers. William looked on as if her face he had never beheld. He blinked and Lynda was relieved, for their gaze had been broken and she could breathe again.

“Well my lady, lead the way.”

Lynda turned, William followed and together they headed down 38th street.

“Nice earrings.”

“Oh, thank you. They’re one of my favs.”

“Your favs.” He playfully retorted.

“Yes, my favs.” She chuckled.

“Well, they’re pretty cool.”

“Thanks. I love them so much that I can actually remember the day I got them.”

“Really? ”

“Yes.  Like it were yesterday.”

“Wow. Well, tell me about it.”

One afternoon while walking through the city I noticed a festival. Inside the festival were countless vendors selling different crafts. I surveyed the merchandise of each vendor but nothing caught my eye. That is until I saw these earrings. William, it was love at first sight. I can’t remember if it was the beautiful pearl perfectly placed in the middle or the unique shape of the earrings that caught my eye. The vendor at the table was a beautiful woman with the most unique handcrafted accessories I’ve ever seen. Anyway, long-story-short, I ended up buying two pairs. The pair I have on and another but with a shinier, more fabulous finish. I wear them both all the time.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed. ”

“You have?”

William had noticed her earrings and how often she wore them. She couldn’t believe it. He really did like her!

“Yes Lynda. I have. Those earrings were actually the second thing I noticed about you. The first were your eyes.  I must say, you made my introduction speech to the creative work-team quite challenging six months ago. I couldn’t stop staring at you. I hoped you didn’t notice.  You’re just so beautiful. I couldn’t help it”

“Beautiful? How could this man, coveted by every employee in the building like and notice me and I not know for all this time?” she thought to herself.

For a second there was silence between the two and in the silence Lynda blushed.

“So, do those earrings have a name?” “Yes. They’re called Star Kiss.” “Star Kiss? That’s a unique.” “Yeah, I think so too.” “Well Lynda, tell me something.” “Sure William.” “Does anyone ever get to kiss the star?”

And there, in the middle of the city, under the noses of all, LOVE HAPPENED.

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