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The four ladies sat in the living room discussing life and love. Charlie, Nicole, Lisa and Brenda were more than friends. They were bonded by a love thicker than blood and hopelessly devoted to the wellness of each other. Peace was found in the eyes of one, joy in the laughter of another and hope in the touch of the next. As they sipped wine and orated stories, time vanished; falling prey to love’s infinite embrace. Lets peek in…

Charlie “No ladies, the best kisses are the ones before a dreaded good-bye. Take yesterday for instance when my fiancé, Ryan came over.

Nicole “Charlie, we know he’s your fiancé dear.”

Charlie “I know.  I just like saying fiancé.  Fiancé! Fiancé! Fiancé! Anyway, I swear, we can stay indoors a month straight and not come out for air.  When we’re together I hate when either of us have to leave. 

I know this may sound childish but when we’re at my place, sometimes I’ll hide his cell phone or car keys, just to make him stay a bit longer.  Ryan may pretend to hate it, but the look in his eyes always says different.

After finding his things and when we’re standing by the door, I’ll pull on the lapels of his coat and whisper something sweet.  At the sound of my voice I feel him weaken. He’ll say, ‘Charlie. Stop. Don’t. I have to go.’ And to that I’ll hold him even closer. Then, like magic, as we look into each other’s eyes, we kiss.  I’ll have him for at least another hour or so.

But when it is truly time to say goodbye, the last kiss we share is full of an inexplicable desperation. The kiss is so emotional and consuming. It’s like we passionately fall into each other’s mouths. No! Into each other’s souls. WHOA! I don’t know how else to explain it other than, it’s just amazing.  I can’t wait to marry him.

Nicole “Oh shut up Charlie, you wet-behind-the-ears, unmarried, ‘love is everything’, pop-tart. Wait until you’ve been married for 15 years with stretch marks and saggy tits.”

Lisa “You tell her Nicole! You see Charlie, when you’ve been married for ‘ten-plus’ years, and your husband, in my case Steven, has to leave, there is never a doubt that he has to come back, and if lucky with a full day’s worth of sweat and stress.  So for a kiss to be amazing, there has to be something more than a ‘good bye’ behind it. Take this week for instance.  My birthday is Saturday, you guys know that, but Steven has been giving me the cutest gifts since Monday. He said he’d be giving me one everyday until Saturday. Well ladies, these presents have been so sweet that I just don’t know what to do with myself. Today’s gift however, oh my goodness, was the absolute best so far.

So this morning after getting the twins settled in the den, which took almost two hours, I stealthily back my way out of the room; hoping they wouldn’t see or hear me. Once I hit the threshold I turn, sprint toward the kitchen and crash straight into Steven! Well, with all the sweet and thoughtful gifts, I didn’t go off into my usual fit about him being clumsy, etcetera, etcetera. Nope! All I did was chuckle.

Anyway, in his hand is a small box, nothing fancy, and he says to me, ‘Lisa, I love you baby. Open up.’ I open the box and inside lay these beautiful earrings I had literally gone crazy for, get this, 3 months ago!

Steve and I took the boys to this awesome street fair in June. At the fair, was a woman selling handmade jewelry. I’m surprised you guys don’t remember. I raved about her hair, her style, her jewelry, her everything for like an entire month afterwards. Anyway, all of her designs were wonderful but there was one pair of earrings that jumped out at me. The woman called them The Leather Stone. They were the cutest leather hoops with an assortment of the most beautiful gems dangling in the middle. I’ve never seen anything like them. The designer let me try them on, held a mirror to my face and everything. To my surprise they were extremely lightweight and perfect for my sensitive ears. I just had to have them. The lady cleaned and bagged the earrings for me but when I opened my wallet, there was nothing but lint inside. I had spent the last of the money 2 booths ago. The lady didn’t take credit cards and even though I begged to pay with a check, I couldn’t purchase them. I was devastated.

The craziest thing about the gift and all is that Steven wasn’t even with me while this transpired. I found him chatting with another vender selling old sports magazines 2 tables down. I have no idea how he knew which earrings to get or from whom, and he refuses to tell me. That fair was 3 months ago and this man can hardly remember to take out the trash. He really surprised me.

I can’t even remember leaning into him this morning but before I knew it we were kissing. And the kiss ladies, was as passionate as the ones we shared when our love was young. You know Charlie, the ones you have before a dreaded good-bye?

Ladies, after that kiss, I put my new earrings on and that sexy man of mine took everything else off. We were both late for work that morning.”

Nicole “Oh my goodness. Listen to you Lisa. You sound just as wet-behind-the-ears as that little pop-tart. I thought you were a seasoned veteran, but you’re nothing more than a…a…similac drinking civilian. Listen to me, all of you! After 15 years of marriage, a 12 and 7 year old, little league, ballet and the PTA, the best kiss ladies by far is the last kiss…the last kiss GOOD NIGHT! And I have that kiss down to a science, so listen and listen well.

At the end of a long day, when my husband and I are lying in bed, I usually yawn or sigh before mumbling an uninspiring goodnight. Now for the kiss to be done right, the timing must be perfect for none of what I like to call, “smoochin’ and coochin’” to ensue. So when I see the window of opportunity open, I quickly sneak a kiss, making sure I land on anything from the neck up, except his lips. As soon as contact is severed I immediately, almost simultaneously lay flat, which is very important, pull the covers to my chin and shut my eyes.

Sometimes, to be safe and depending on how tired I am, I may push out a fart, blame my period and, viola. No sex, no fooling around, no nothing, just wonderful, blissful, peaceful sleep. It works every time. Now those kisses, Charlie, my sweet innocent baby, are amazing.”

Brenda “Wait one second! Nicole, stop it, you’re scaring the poor girl. Charlie, don’t listen to-”

Nicole “Oh please Brenda. Before you even begin one of your nasty-Karma-Sutra-anecdotal life lessons, let me preface it by saying, you and Jason are nasty and weird as hell. Nobody that has been married for as long as you two, has sex anymore and even if they do, it’s not nearly as often as you two rabbits. You guys are freaks of nature. No, you guys are just plain ole freaks.”

Brenda “Anyway, like I was saying, Charlie, don’t let Nicole kill your romance with Ryan. Now, although torrential rains couldn’t get her wet down there, sweetie you do sound a little wet-behind-the-ears and so do you Lisa. You see Charlie, any woman that knows anything about anything knows that the best kisses are the ones planted below the belt! Take it from someone who has been married for 20 years. Now those kisses, my dear, when done right, are always good. They’re emotional, consuming and what else did you say sweetie? Oh, yeah…amazing. And I didn’t even get to the best part.”

Charlie “The best part?”

Brenda “Yes. The best part sweetheart, are the endings.”

Charlie “The endings?”

Brenda “Yes Charlie! The endings. They’re…they’re, oh God they’re…more than good, they’re more than amazing.

Charlie “They are?”

Brenda “Yes Charlie. They’re-”

Nicole “Wait! Someone cover this naïve pop-tart’s ears! Her wedding isn’t until Sunday. Let her find out about the endings then!”

The women all laughed together. Lost in the joy of their friendship.

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